A journey to share

Students from Zhejiang University come to the Daoming schools to share

On July 24, 2014, we accompanied some High School students from Shanghai and Los Angeles (USA) that came with their parents to visit the 2 Daoming schools located in Mataipo and Pingtoushan. When we arrived at Pingtoushan, just by chance, we met some students from Zhejiang University. The mother told me that these university students that come from all over China had already been in Pingtoushan for 14 days. They were not only teaching our students arts, music and language, but also teach them much more knowledge, such as basic geography and history, so our students like these big brothers and sisters very much.

We were moved for their dedication and spirit of sacrifice. Although I 've been here many times, but I've never stayed in the mountains, because I am very worried about sanitary conditions here. I hope I have the opportunity to stay for a few days and with children here, singing with them , learning together with them.


Li Mier



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