Work plan for the spring semester 2017

Work report for 2017


  1. On February 28, 2017, all the teachers returned on time to school. We started classes officially on March 1. In mid-April, all teachers gathered in Mataipo to have an open exchange activity on the classes. On mid-May, we will conduct the mid-term examinations. On June 1 we will celebrate Children's Day. We expect to finish all classes on June 5 and after that start the final review stage, so that we may have the final examinations on mid-June. The end of semester will be at the end of June, starting the School official holiday immediately afterwards.
  2. All the teachers from our schools is charge with arranging their own teaching plan. Preschool classes will prioritize hands-on activities, and carrying out some extracurricular activities based on inspiration and interest as the main teaching. The aim is to develop students' interest and inspire their hands-on ability. First and second grade will have a weekly class of music and art, plus two classes of physical education, two reading classes and a writing class. Each school has two classes a week on safety education, and one a month we will have a class on extracurricular knowledge.
  3. Each school will carry out a Parent's Day every semester, and will visit the homes of targeted students.
  4. Every teacher should carefully prepare lessons, write lesson plans, correct and explain the homework. They should also ask for leave in advance in the case of personal matters or sickness.
  5. Every school should take care of the school campus sanitary and safety conditions.
  6. In August, we will have three classes of students graduating into the government's school to continue their studies. Will recruit a new preschool class.

We will do a good job of schoolwork and student safety, earnestly complete the teaching tasks of each semester, and strive to fulfill our own responsibilities.


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