Work summary for the year 2016

Work report for the year 2016

One semester has passed full of work and life. We experienced a lot progress and a good harvest, but there are some shortcomings as well.

1. The teaching: Our teachers can perform the teaching activities normally: the class preparation is good and they correct the homework diligently after classes and take especial tutorial care of the students that have difficulties understanding the content of the lesson. All of our teachers are able to complete on time the program outline. But we lack qualified teachers in the subjects of music, sports and fine arts, so our students can't be taught more professionally in these areas. Still, all of our teachers do their best, on one hand learning those subjects themselves, and at the same time teaching the students.

2. Uneven base of the students: since our students starting base is uneven, all of our teachers have experienced difficulties in teaching. After classes, our teachers have arranged for remedial classes and especial care for all the students that lag behind, so that they can keep up with the other students as far as possible. All of our teachers are able to get along well and happily with the students.

3. Situation of the students: three of the Daoming Primary Schools are located in the mountains and all of our students have to walk to come to school. Some of them have to walk 6 or 7 kms every day to study, so in windy or rainy days, many students can't come to school on time. This have influenced teaching. We have noticed that the children that are late to school, often need remedial classes. Sometimes, the parents do not understand the work of the teachers and complain the students go back home very late. But most of the parents have no schooling at all, so they have to rely completely on the work of the teachers to let the students master knowledge at the school. In this way, the responsibility and burden of the teachers is relatively heavier than normal. 

4. Campus life: Due to the fact of most of the schools are located in mountainous areas, in rainy days electricity goes off, and in the dry season they lack water. This has caused a greater impact in the campus life.

 A school semester has passed and our lives are more and more fulfilling. At the time of experiencing difficulties in the teaching life, we continue helping each other and working together, in the believe that our schools will continue to get better and better. 

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