Late 2011-12 annual summary

Work Summary


October 2011 to 30 June 2012, through contact and cooperation with domestic news media, the media repeatedly reported the living conditions of the “black people, black households” of the villages where the primary schools Daoming are located. For several times, we led Sina Charity , Beijing’s New Beijing News , Yunnan Daily , CCTV and many other news media to inspect the villages where Daoming’s primary schools are located and, through continuous efforts , has gained attention and help the local Department of Education, health and epidemic prevention department and relevant government departments .

We also led several times several charity project teams to inspect each Daoming school to better know the Daoming’s schools teachers. They have lent a helping hand and contributed a monthly amount of CNY 200 as an extra payment for each teacher from November 2011 to October 2012, thus helping the children living in these poor mountainous areas where the living conditions are so.

During October 2011 we lead the Children's Charity Foundation, a member of Spring City Evening News reporter, to visit our Daoming schools. They were able to see malnutrition of these poor kids, so they decided to provide for them daily free lunch to make sure the students can drink milk and eat high calory pastries every day. In September 2012 this project was assumed by the government.

In 2011, through an appeal by Sina Charity, all the Daoming schools received supplies from all over the country as love donations. We received over 3,000 pencils, 2.054 books for homework and more than 3,000 pieces of clothing .

In February 2012 we formally reached an agreement with the local Department of Education to build a friendly and cooperative relations, the Education Bureau recognizes the schools and agrees to regulate the different Daoming schools, agrees unconditionally to accept all the students from Daoming schools to continue their studies in the different government schools after the fourth grade. At the same time, all of our students will enjoy all the benefits according to law. In 2011 more than 100 of our students were already admitted to government schools.

During summer 2011, students from Beijing Forestry University and Chengdu University of Science and Technology came to the Daoming schools to hold a summer camp for our students. Our students learned a lot of knowledge about life, health, and learned to do manual work, such as craft . The spent a very pleasant holiday.

Supporting teachers coming from Shenzhen brought fresh vitality to our schools. Two young female supporting teachers coming from Kunming enhanced the teaching methods of our own teacher, so at the final term examinations in 2011entary School our students achieved excellent results, and their average grade was even above the average level of Kaiyuan city schools.

In order to avoid the occurrence of infectious diseases, at spring 2012 we especially invited a doctor from Kaiyuan City Health and Epidemic Prevention Station, and 220 of our students received the proper injections.

In order to enhance the safety of our schools, in 2012 we repaired them in a joint venture together with the Education Bureau.

2012 has been the year with better results in our Daoming primary schools.


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